How to Choose a Painting Contractor

Besides the myriad of paint colours and finishes you need to choose, the right painting contractor is another aspect of the painting process that you want to ensure.

In the painting industry there are two types of painters you can access to do your painting jobs. The first one is an individual painter whose role consists of turning up to do the instructed job. A painting contractor, however, is usually accredited and is responsible for managing and doing your painting job from word go until you are satisfied the job has been successfully completed.

The useful thing about painting contractors is that they also come with a broad range of expertise and will be able to advise you about colour schemes and the most efficient and effective ways to do your job, which can save you lots of time and energy.

A good painting contractor should be accredited. Painting contractors in Australia should be accredited with the Painting Contractors Certification Program (PCCP). The PCCP was started with the objective to make sure Australia had quality painting contractors by accrediting painting contractors who were able to show they could comply with defined minimum performances standards. Regular audits are undertaken to ensure that these standards are adhered to.

The great thing about employing a painting contractor is that you are assured quality performance and results. Painting contractors are committed to providing you with a quality, consistent service at good prices – leaving you feeling secure that you will receive a great product.

There are a few important guidelines you can follow to help choose a great painting contractor.

Tip 1 – The easiest way to see if a painting contractor is suitable to your job is by looking through their portfolio. Painting contractors may show you photographs or provide you with a tour of their work to show you what they are capable of.

Tip 2 – Ask for potential painting contractors to inspect the area you wish to have painted and provide you with a sample of what they can do.

Tip 3 – Great painting contractors have exceptional communication skills. They will keep you well-informed about what to expect from your painting job and how they will go about it. Importantly they will listen and respond to your needs.

Tip 4 – A great marking of a quality painting contractor is if they can provide you with flexibility. If you change your mind along the way or if you would like to save money on materials, painting contractors should have the ability and skills to provide you with alternatives.

Tip 5 – Do your internet research. Search the web for painting contractors, resources and information in your area. You’ll be surprised by how much you can access. By searching on the web you will be able to narrow down your search and work out what painting contractors are most suitable to undertake your job.

Tip 6 – When you have found a potential painting contractor, have a list of questions to ask him or her when you meet.

Tip 7 – Ask to see your painting contractor’s references so you are confident that you are receiving a reliable service and can gain a better idea of what to expect.

Tip 8 – Hire a painting contractor who puts their estimates in writing so that you can be in control of costs. A responsible painting contractor will gladly lock down a firm figure that you have both agreed upon.

By hiring a great painting contractor and following these simple guidelines you can take a lot of stress out of painting your space, whether it be your house, or commercial, industrial or corporate building, leaving you with a result you’ll be please with for years to come.

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